Hey there! My name is Tamara, welcome to my little world!

I’m a 20-something-year-old from Toronto, Canada (though I’m rarely there) and I’m super passionate about exploring the world, photography, and cooking delicious plant-based recipes.

I created this blog to share my favourite places, adventures, restaurants, accommodations, and travel tips with all of you and keep a bit of a travel diary for myself. I’m so happy to have you here!

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I’ve been traveling since I was a little girl— my parents always stressed how important it was to experience other cultures, food, music, and climates.

My family emigrated from Europe and travel was always a huge part of their lives, and that’s definitely something they passed on to me.

I love nature and have always been drawn to natural wonders, such as mountains and pristine beaches, but I can’t resist a fun city here and there! Growing up in Canada.

I always had a special appreciation for escaping to warmer climates, but I also love snowboarding and skiing in my home country.

tamara mexico

When I graduated university, I struggled coming to terms with jumping into a full-time job right away.

I knew I wanted to see more of the world, so I took a year-long break to travel around Southeast Asia.

However, plans quickly changed when the infamous pandemic hit. Instead of living out my post-graduate travel dreams, I got stuck in Singapore (can’t complain!).

This was truly a blessing in disguise because I ended up finding freelancing as a job opportunity that I never even considered before.

Now, I write online and get to travel while doing it! I’ve gotten to see so much more of the world— since then I’ve visited beautiful places, including Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, and Mexico.

tamara denmark

I’m lucky to have many places around the world that I have called home.

My mom has always traveled around for work, giving me the opportunity to experience beautiful cities such as San Francisco, Vancouver, and New York.

Most of my extended family still live back in Serbia, which is a ton of fun if you’ve never been!

And finally, I’m lucky to have met my wonderful partner in London, which led to many years of traveling back-and-forth and doing long-distance.

tamara san francisco

Earlier this year, I made the big decision to leave Canada and move to my first apartment in London, UK!

Not only do I love the English coast, countryside, and delicious food, but I also love how big of a hub it is.

You can travel to a different country in just a few hours by train! Whether it’s solo, with my partner, or with friends, I’m so ready to explore more of Europe these next few years.

I can’t wait to share all my adventures with you, thank you for coming along and I hope you get inspired to travel more yourself!

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