Aston Hall – What You Need To Know BEFORE You Visit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)


Aston Hall is one of the most well-known Jacobean prodigy houses in all of England and plays an important role in the history of Birmingham.

John Thorpe, an eminent architect who was known for his distinctive and elegant style, was the architect behind the design of this lovely historic home.

The foundation of Aston Hall was laid in 1618, and construction on the manor house continued for the next few years after that.

During this time, Sir Thomas Holte was in charge of supervising the construction of the house, which was going to serve as the new residence for his family.

By the time Holte moved into the finished house in 1631, it had already earned a reputation as a Jacobean architectural masterpiece.

Aston Hall has been critically significant to the development of Birmingham throughout the course of its existence.

When the Birmingham City Council decided to buy it in 1864, the historic country house made history by becoming the first property of its kind to be taken over by the city.

Since that time, the Birmingham Museums Trust has been in charge of running it, and it now functions as a community museum that is open to guests throughout the year, from spring through winter.

Today, Aston Hall remains both a well-known destination for tourists and a significant representation of the city of Birmingham’s extensive cultural history.

How to get to Aston Hall

The closest train station to Aston Hall is Perry Barr which is a 27 minute walk away.

You can also take the bus to Jardine Rd, Prestbury Rd, Waterlinks Boulevard or Witton Square which are all under a 15 minute walk away.

Tickets for Aston Hall

You can pre-book your tickets online at the Birmingham Museums website.

This will guarantee your entry and reduce your queue time. You can also buy tickets at the door.


How old is Aston Hall in Birmingham?

Aston Hall is 387 years old, it was finished in 1635.

What is Aston Hall famous for?

Aston Hall is famous for its stunning and opulent architecture, which captures the extravagant tastes of its first owner, Sir Thomas Holte.

The residence is also renowned for its role in the English Civil War, which it experienced while under siege from Parliamentarian forces.

Do I need to pre-book tickets to Aston Hall?

No you can buy tickets at the entrance, but it does guarantee you entry if you buy online.


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