Blackpool Tower – Visit Blackpool’s Iconic Tower

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

A trip to Blackpool would not be complete without a journey to the top of its renowned tower.

Take the elevator to the top for stunning panoramic views after viewing the tower’s history brought to life with the power of 4D cinema.

The amount of time you spend on top of the tower is up to you, and the staff will ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout.

The top of Blackpool Tower has a glass floor called the SKYWALK. You’ll have the sensation of being suspended hundreds of feet in the air while walking on it.

Take in the spectacular views of the Lake District and the Isle of Man on a lovely day.

Do you have it in you to go all out? Climb the spiral staircase for those that think they can handle it.

Blackpool Tower is one of our favorite things to do in Blackpool and is great for the whole family.

How to get to Blackpool Tower

The closest train station to the Blackpool Tower is the Blackpool North Station. You can walk from the North Station to the Tower in under 5 minutes.

The Tower is also accessible by bus or tram, both of which have a dedicated station for the Blackpool Tower.


The Blackpool Tower
The Promenade

Blackpool Tower Photos

blackpool tower aerialblackpool tower light up blackpool tower at night blackpool tower sunny


How tall is Blackpool Tower?

Blackpool Tower is 158m tall or 518 feet and 9 inches to be exact.

When was the Blackpool Tower built?

Blackpool Tower was originally built in 1894.

What time does Blackpool Tower close?

Blackpool Tower is open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

On Saturdays it closes at 6pm and 5pm on Sunday.

How old is Blackpool Tower?

Blackpool Tower is 128 years old.

Who built Blackpool Tower?

The original architects of Blackpool Tower were Charles Tuke and James Maxwell.

What is in Blackpool Tower?

Blackpool Tower contains several attractions inside.

You have the Blackpool Tower Eye which is a SkyWalk across glass at the top of the tower.

You also have the Circus and Ballroom which provide amazing acts and performances.

How much is Blackpool Tower?

There are a variety of different ticket prices depending on what you want to see in the Tower.

Check ticket prices here.


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