Blackpool Zoo – What You Need To Know BEFORE You Visit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

Two miles inland from the coast, you’ll find Blackpool Zoo – a perfect day trip for any family. Get up close and personal with lions, tigers, and other big cats; as well as apes, birds, reptiles and more!

You can easily spend hours watching over 1000 creatures, regardless of whether you’re an animal-lover yourself or have little ones.

The Zoo is easily accessible, with plenty of areas to sit and relax.

There are several educational talks, feeds, and displays to enjoy.

Make sure to attend the magnificent face-to-face events like when they feed the parrots and when the new giraffe barn opens.

The zoo is one of the great family things to do in Blackpool and is fun for all the family.

How to get to Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo is accessible by Train, the closest train station is the Blackpool North Station. You can walk from the North Station to the Zoo, it takes around 5 minutes.

You can visit by Bus using the Blackpool Transport Service 20, which runs to the Zoo seasonally.

Address: E Park Dr, Blackpool FY3 8PP

Blackpool Zoo Photos

Wallaby blackpool zoo blackpool zoo giraffe Two Seals blackpool zoo Bactrian camel blackpool zoo


How much is Blackpool Zoo?

Day tickets range from £15.99 for kids to £19.99 for adults if you buy online.

You can find the tickets prices here.

Tickets do cost more on the gate.

How big is Blackpool Zoo?

Blackpool Zoo is 32-acres and is home to 1350 animals.

On average it takes most people 2 hours to see the whole zoo.

What time does Blackpool Zoo open?

Blackpool Zoo opens at 10am everyday.

Can you take dogs to Blackpool Zoo?

You cannot take your dog inside Blackpool Zoo. If you call ahead you can ask that the office staff take care of your dog during your visit.

What animals are at Blackpool Zoo?

Blackpool Zoo is home to the following animals:

  • Aardvark
  • African Pygmy Goat
  • Aldrabra Tortoise
  • Asian Elephant
  • Asian Short Clawed Otter
  • Bactrian Camel
  • Bongo
  • Bornean Orangutan
  • Brazilian Tapir
  • Californian Sea Lion
  • Capybara
  • Caribbean Flamingo
  • Cotton-top Tamarin
  • Debrazza’s Monkey
  • Eastern White Pelican
  • Emu
  • Giant Anteater
  • Giraffe
  • Hartmann’s Zebra
  • Iberian Wolf
  • King Colobus Monkey
  • Lion (African)
  • Macaw
  • Magellanic Penguin
  • Meerkat
  • Miniature Donkey
  • North American Tree Porcupine
  • Ostrich
  • Pileated Gibbon
  • Red Kangaroo
  • Red Panda
  • Red River Hog
  • Red Titi Monkey
  • Reindeer
  • Ring Tailed Lemur
  • Squirrel Monkey
  • Tiger (Amur)
  • Western Lowland Gorilla

Do you have to book for Blackpool Zoo?

You do not have to book for Blackpool Zoo.

Ticket prices are cheaper if you buy them online before you visit.


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