Bournemouth Pier – What You Need To Know BEFORE You Visit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)


Take your camera to the Bournemouth Pier for some memorable vacation pictures.

Tourists flock to the pier because it is centrally located in Bournemouth and offers a variety of attractions.

On the pier you’ll find the world’s first zip line that travels from pier to beach!

The PierZip is an attraction that should not be missed. It can be found at the very end of the Bournemouth Pier and is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

The RockReef Adventure Activity Centre can also be found on the pier.

It offers a multitude of exciting climbing adventures, including the HighLine aerial obstacle course, the Pier Cave adventure, which features three distinct difficulty levels, and the Clip ‘n Climb climbing concept.

Open every day of the year and serving hot food, the Key West bar and grill is known for its extensive and varied menu.

Also the Aruba Bar and Restaurant has a fantastic vantage point over the water thanks to its elevated position above the pier.

You can purchase ice cream, pies, and mementos at any one of the many shops that are located here!

How to get to Bournemouth Pier

You can take the train to Bournemouth station and walk to the pier which should take around 25 minutes.

You can also take a variety of bus routes, with Bournemouth Pier, St Peters Church, Bournemouth Square and Westover Road being under a 5 minute walk away.

Bournemouth Pier Photos

Bournemouth Pier zip line Bournemouth Pier sandy beach greenery


Can you take dogs onto Bournemouth Pier?

Yes dogs are allowed on the pier and many dog walkers utilize the pier.

How much does it cost to walk Bournemouth Pier?

A ticket costs £1.10 to walk the pier until 5pm, you can find that it’s free after 6pm.

The ticket stays valid for a year so you can return whenever you want.

How long is the pier to pier swim in Bournemouth?

The swim from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier is 1.4 miles. This charity swimming event is hosted in July.

Are there toilets on Bournemouth Pier?

Yes there are a large amount of public toilets located on Bournemouth Pier.


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