Camden Market – Insider’s Guide Before You Visit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

Camden Market is a large market located in North London.

The market sells a variety of items including clothes, jewelry, art, and food.

Camden Market is a popular tourist destination, and has been featured in many films and television programmes.

The history of Camden Market dates back to the early 19th century, when it was first established as a fruit and vegetable market.

Over the years, the market has undergone several changes and expansions, and now includes over 1,000 stalls.

What is there to See and Do at Camden Market?

There is a lot to see and do at Camden Market. Here are some of the highlights:

Camden Lock Market 

Camden Lock Market should be atop your list if you’re only able to visit one of Camden’s markets. It is not only one of London’s most well-known weekend markets, but it is also where it all started in 1972.

Local makers are a significant draw here – shoppers can purchase unique items blissfully free of the generic stuff found in other markets around town.

Instead, there is a diverse range encompassing handmade jewellery, accessories, and cutting-edge fashions.

That’s not to say that you won’t find something else in the maze of stalls that appear throughout the day, whether it be second-hand books, vintage vinyl records or repurposed furniture.

For those that are hungry, you can get some food from the street food stalls which are down by the Regent’s canal.

Camden Stables Market 

camden stables market

The Camden Stables Markets, which are one of the most popular markets in Camden, were formerly more focused on vintage goods than the lock market.

That’s still somewhat true today, although there’s also a lot of new shiny stuff.

This market is a bit more boho than the others in Camden, and it’s become quite popular for gothic and alternative clothing. The original branch of Cyberdog is still going strong just inside the entrance to the market.

The area’s name makes it obvious, but this used to be an asylum for horses.

There were stables and horse tunnels (and even a hospital) to serve the employed equines that relied on the canal.

Camden Lock Village 

Camden Lock Village, which was built on the site of the Canal Market that burned down in 2008, now houses a market as well as residential and office apartments.

There’s no particular emphasis to this market, but it’s worth taking a look since it’s only two blocks from Camden Lock Market.

Inverness Street Market

Inverness Street Market, despite its smaller size and obscurity in comparison to some of the bigger markets further down Camden High Street, is actually the only market in Camden that existed prior to the 1970s.

It was a fresh produce market in those days, but things have changed dramatically since then.

Over time, the original food vendors have been replaced by hot-food stalls and a handful of non-food traders.

Buck Street Market / Container Park 

In its prime, Buck Street Market was the go-to place for vintage clothing. However, as time went on and more fast fashion appeared, the quality of items gradually declined.

That was before it rebranded as a container park in the style of Boxpark, which opened in mid-2020.

It’s dedicated to sustainability and small business while yet being true to the Camden spirit. Stay for the two rooftop bars and diverse cuisine, or go for ethical businesses and environmentally friendly goods.

Camden Market Location and Opening Times

The market is a short walk from either Camden Town station on the Northern Line or Chalk Farm station.

The market is open seven days a week from 10am to 6pm.

Camden Market Photos

camden street market camden lock inside camden market regents canal camden hats camden market camden market street food


What days is Camden Market Open?

Camden Market is open 7 days a week.

What is special about Camden Market?

Camden Markets offer a unique set of diverse stalls, you can find antiques, vintage clothing, fast food, second hand items and much more.

Is it worth going to Camden Market?

Camden market is definitely worth the trip if you’re in London.

The food stalls are amazing and the variety of the Camden markets, make it a great walk around even if you’re not planning on shopping.

Is Camden rough?

Camden is a safe place assuming you stick to the tourist areas and around the market.

The borough is the second most dangerous in London, but staying on the main road or inside the markets should mean you encounter no problems.


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