Crystal Palace Park – Explore the Park with Dinosaurs!

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

Crystal Palace Park is a beautiful, expansive park located in south London.

The large glass Crystal Palace building, which stood between 1854 and 1935 at the summit of the park, is now occupied by a modern visitors’ centre. Between the trees in the park, some full-size dinosaurs remain – Victorians’ models that lurk in hiding.

Crystal Palace Park is not only home to the national sports centre, but also a children’s farm, maze, playground and outdoor concert stage.

The perfect place to spend a day out with family or friends, there is plenty of green space to explore as well as a range of habitats including a lake which makes it ideal for birdwatching.

About Crystal Palace Park

About Crystal Palace Park

The park is not only a place of entertainment, but also a place rich in history.

The Crystal Palace once stood atop the park between 1854 and 1935, and though only a few sculptures remain, it’s still a great place to sit on the grass and enjoy the views.

The area with the full size dinosaurs is indeed one of the park’s highlights. This unique display of creatures pre-dates Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” by six years and offers visitors a rare glimpse into another world.

In 1854, Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins designed and sculpted these life-size models of the pre-historic animals.

The renowned animal sculptor was commissioned by Richard Owen, the scientist who created the dinosaur taxonomic group and dubbed them “Dinosaurs.”

By utilizing fossils from the Natural History Museum, they constructed a display that publically introduced for the first time the theory that such animals existed millions of years ago.

You’ll find the dinosaur models lurking between the trees.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, which includes a children’s playground, maze, and acres of grass to run about, is located nearby.

It is also close to the Crystal Palace train station.

How to get to Crystal Palace Park

How to get to Crystal Palace Park

The closest train station is Crystal Palace which is a short walk from the park.

It is served by the Southern and Overground train lines.


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Is Crystal Palace Park worth visiting?

Crystal Palace Park is well worth a visit, you can explore the large boating lake, dinosaur sculptures and enjoy a meal at the cafe.

The large park is great for a stroll and if it’s sunny you’re sure to have a great day.

Is it free to go to Crystal Palace Park?

Crystal Palace Park is free to visit and the Dinosaur section is also free during park open hours.

How many dinosaurs are there in Crystal Palace Park?

In 1854, Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins built 30 full-scale, three-dimensional model dinosaurs at the Crystal Palace Park in London.


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