Ledger Travels Acquires GalvestonDucks.com

LedgerTravels has recently acquired GalvestonDucks.com, a popular destination for tourists looking for information on all things Galveston.

Idea Behind the Acquisition

This acquisition means that LedgerTravels will now have exclusive access to all of the content and assets previously owned by GalvestonDucks.com, including a team of experienced content writers who will join LedgerTravels’ writing team.

This move by LedgerTravels is a major step forward in establishing itself as the go-to source for everything related to travel and tourism to Galveston, Texas.

With its acquisition of GalvestonDucks.com, LedgerTravels now boasts an extensive library of content devoted exclusively to this city, giving potential visitors an insight into what they could expect should they choose Galveston as their vacation spot.

Whether it be insider tips from locals or specific attractions such as Moody Gardens or Bishop’s Palace, LedgerTravels has it all covered in one neat package.

Furthermore, with the addition of the team from GalvestonDucks.com, LedgerTravels can look forward to having even more knowledge at its disposal when it comes to putting together high-quality pieces about this vibrant city.

Not only do these writers bring extensive experience when it comes to writing about Galveston’s culture and attractions; they are also a valuable source of insight into local customs and traditions that can give readers the feeling that they’re gaining an insider’s perspective – something most other websites cannot offer.

LedgerTravels has made it clear that this acquisition should be seen as a long-term investment into improving their service offering for visitors heading to Galveston.

Ownership over all prior content such as information on Galveston Island Statepark and the Strand Historic District has been transferred. Alongside this ownership of assets gives them control over how existing pieces are presented as well as how new ones are created – allowing them to ensure that visitors receive only the best quality material every time they visit their website.

With regular updates being added on top of this already impressive collection, tourists can rest assured knowing that there’ll never be a shortage of interesting stories and facts about this captivating destination when browsing through LedgerTravels’ selection of articles.

In short, with the addition of both content and personnel from GalvestonDucks.com, LedgerTravels has taken an important step towards becoming one of the leading providers when it comes to comprehensive information related to travel and tourism in Galveston and beyond.

About GalvestonDucks.com

Galvestonducks.com was a duck tour operator and website that provided information about travel, tourism and attractions in the Galveston area. Originally founded in 2008 by three business partners who had an affinity for marine life and ducks, the company quickly became one of the most popular tour operators in the region.

The company first began offering guided duck tours of the Galveston harbor and other local sites, with customers being able to book their tours either through their website or by calling their offices directly. The team members would dress up as ducks during each tour which made them stand out from other tour operators in the area. The experienced guides were knowledgeable about all aspects of local history and wildlife, allowing customers to get a unique look at Galveston’s fascinating past.

In addition to providing guided tours, Galvestonducks.com also ran a website where they provided detailed information about various locations around Galveston such as beaches, parks, restaurants and more. They also had articles written by experts on different topics related to travel, tourism and attractions in the region. Visitors could also find helpful reviews from previous customers who had used the services of Galvestonducks.com for their duck tours or other activities around town.

As time went on, the team behind Galvestonducks.com started organizing educational programs for schools in Galveston with field trips that focused on marine life conservation awareness as well as local history topics such as pirate lore or Gulf Coast oil spill recovery efforts. The educational program was especially successful with over 5,000 students signing up within two years of its launch date.

The company also partnered up with several charities throughout its existence including Texas Children’s Hospital where they donated part of their profits to fund medical research for pediatric patients every year since 2009 up until it ceased operations in 2015 due to financial difficulties caused by decreased demand for duck tours due to a decrease in tourism at that time period.

All in all, Galvestonducks.com made a lasting impact on both visitors and locals alike during its seven-year tenure as one of most beloved Duck Tour Operators in Galveston County, Texas.

What Happens With GalvestonDucks After the Acquisition?

GalvestonDucks.com, once a popular tourist website for visitors to Galveston, Texas, is no longer reachable using Google searches.

Through the acquisition of the site by LedgerTravels, all of the traffic and content from GalvestonDucks has been redirected towards LedgerTravels. This means that upon searching through Google, visitors will now be directed to LedgerTravels instead of being able to find GalvestonDucks directly.

Ledger Travels The Galveston Travel Expert

Ledger Travels has quickly become the authority on everything travel related in Galveston.

Ledger Travels covers every aspect of Galveston including its attractions, tourism, sights, tours and things to do.

The new things to do in Galveston article covers everything one would want to see and do in this amazing town.

The website provides visitors with a comprehensive look at the town, allowing them to easily plan their trip and get the most out of their time there.

The site contains detailed reviews of each attraction and activity available in Galveston along with a list of all services that are offered.

Visitors have access to up-to-date information regarding events, festivals and other happenings in the area as well as helpful tips for navigating the city.

In addition to providing travelers with an abundance of information about Galveston, Ledger Travels also offers discounts on transportation, lodging and more.

You can find some of the best hotels in Galveston alongside where to stay in Galveston which gives you the best areas.

With such a wealth of knowledge at their disposal, it’s no wonder why Ledger Travels is now considered the go-to source for anyone looking to explore this quaint Texas town.

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