Primrose Hill – Guide to the Best View’s of London

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

Although there are many fun places to go in London, not everyone wants to spend their vacation climbing a hill.

Once you witness the London skyline’s gorgeous panorama from Primrose Hill’s summit, you’ll understand why it’s such a sought-after destination.

Prior to the 1800s, Primrose Hill was a forest area with many trees and wolves. At one point in time, English monarchs would use it as a hunting ground.

The origin of the name is unclear. It may be a reference to the abundance of primroses that grew here in ancient times or it might have been named for Archibald Primrose, who is well-known for his work on the London Underground.

Primrose Hill has remained largely unchanged over the years, and simply walking about its nearby streets gives the impression that you’re touring around a twentieth-century London hamlet.

Primrose Hill in today’s times is now a highly desirable neighbourhood for the rich and famous.

The hill itself is a highly popular place for young people that want to see fantastic views of central London and the London skyline.

About Primrose Hill

About Primrose Hill

This is the finest, most easily accessible view of the London cityscape.

You’ll get a great bird’s-eye perspective of the city from the old Caledonian Park clock tower in the east all the way to West London.

Primrose Hill is the perfect place for an enchanting evening picnic with friends, gorgeous views included.

If you take notice of how low Big Ben sits, you’ll be able to gauge how far the Thames lies beneath Regent’s Park. It’s approximately 100 feet below Regent’s Park’s north edge and almost 200 feet below Primrose Hill.

In the summer months, Primrose Hill can provide stunning views with clear skys, but it can be extremely busy. To get the best view, try to climb to the top of the hill.

On the hillside is an oak tree known as “Shakespeare’s Tree”, which was planted in 1864 to commemorate Shakespeare’s birth.

In 1864, a large number of laborers marched through London to attend the installation ceremony. In 1964, another replacement tree was put in its place.

If you’re looking to keep the night going strong, Camden Town has plenty of bars and pubs down its main street to explore and is only a short walk away.

During the day you can venture to Camden Market or other places in North London for some shopping or food.

How to Get to Primrose Hill

How to Get to Primrose Hill

The closest tube station is Chalk Farm tube station, which uses the Northern Line.

Chalk Farm is an approximately 8 minute walk away from Primrose Hill, simply walk along Regent’s Park Road and once you’re at the park entrance it’s only a short walk up.

You can also take the overground train to Kentish Town and walk from there which should take around 21 minutes to walk.


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What is Primrose Hill famous for?

Nowadays Primrose Hill is famous for the great views it provides of London.

Previously it was famous for the mysterious death of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, which took place on Primrose Hill in October 1678. In 1679, three Catholic workers were convicted of the murder and hanged at the top of the hill.

Is Primrose Hill worth visiting?

Yes it’s a must to visit Primrose Hill. It provides breathtaking views of London and is great during sunrise or sunset.

How long does it take to climb Primrose Hill?

The walk up Primrose Hill takes around 5 minutes.

Is Primrose Hill nice at night?

Primrose Hill is amazing in the late evening. It’s the perfect place to have some drinks with your friends or setup a picnic.

Is Primrose Hill Expensive?

Property prices in Primrose Hill are very expensive, although food and activities won’t cost more than other places in London.

Is Primrose Hill a nice area?

Primrose Hill is a very nice area. It’s only a short distance from Regents park, Camden Town and St John’s Wood.


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