18 Quirky Restaurants in London – That Will Leave You Speechless

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

If you’re bored of the same old dinner and a movie date night, these unique restaurants in London are sure to spice up your next date night!

Watch circus performers as you eat, or dine in complete darkness– there’s something for everyone at these one-of-a-kind eateries.

Quirky Restaurants In London

Circolo Popolare

Circolo Popolare

The newest addition to our list is this new Italian eatery in Fitzrovia, which has gained a lot of attention on Instagram due to its stunning interior design.

The interior of the restaurant is stunning, with delicate lights suspended from the ceiling, walls lined with picturesque photographs, over 20,000 unique bottles of spirit on display and a living garden overhead.

The restaurant cultivates a warm Italian atmosphere, with plenty of humor to lighten the mood.

‘John Malkofish’ and ‘Truffle Shuffle’ pizzas (which come by the meter) headline the menu, but don’t forget to try the ‘Carmina Burrata’ linguine.

Dans Le Noir

Amongst all the unique restaurants in London, Dans Le Noir is certainly one of the most interesting!

As its name suggests (‘in the dark’ in French), this eatery provides a special dining experience wherein you’re led to your table in complete darkness.

With your vision impaired, you’ll start to focus more on other senses like smell and taste.

Adding to this interesting concept, the waiters are also visually impaired.

We were amazed at how different the dining experience was in comparison to other restaurants when we visited.

We messed around on our plates trying to find the food with a fork and knife but eventually failed and resorted to using our hands!

The close table arrangements at Dans Le Noir creates an opportunity to socialize with others in the dining room, which we really enjoyed.

It’s amazing how when you can’t rely on vision, other senses are heightened and there many more opportunities for conversation without all the normal social barriers.

Once we had finished our meal, we headed over to the bar to checkout some of the photos and read descriptions of what we’d just eaten.

It was interesting how much different everything looked in comparison to our expectations!

Dans Le Noir is an unforgettable experience that’ll make you grateful for each and every bite.


At this luxury restaurant in Covent Garden, you’ll eat delicious pan-Asian cuisine while watching a show by talented circus artists and cabaret performers.

The performers treat the long communal table as their runway, presenting a more sophisticated circus act to the audience.

With delicious sushi and dim sum presented by sexy fire breathers, Circus Restaurant London is the perfect place to celebrate with friends!

The booze-infused sparkler cocktails are served by gorgeous hula girls in sequined outfits, so you’re guaranteed a great time!


At Redemption, you can finally enjoy a delicious meal without any of the guilt.

One of London’s healthiest restaurants, all of the menu items are vegan, sugar-free and wheat free.

Forget about the booze – there’s even an alcohol-free bar with fancy mocktails available.

There are now three London branches (Shoreditch, Notting Hill, and Covent Garden). Vietnamese summer rolls, pad Thai, and jackfruit tacos are among the most popular dishes.

The meat-free burger is also amazing!

Garlic & Shots

garlic & shots resturant

A London favorite, you might want to bring some gum if you’re paying a visit to Garlic & Shots!

Choose from an extensive garlic-infused menu, including Thai prawns with garlic, Swedish sausage with garlic, and Texan chili.

Over 100 types of vodka are available on the drinks menu (including several infused with garlic), as are over a hundred and fifty types of spirits.

This place is definitely one of the most unusual restaurants, but a great place to get some good garlic based food.


Sarastro is a wonderful theatre restaurant in Covent Garden, with its opulent decor and theatrical rooms.

London’s top opera singers perform nightly at Sarastro, where the focus is more on entertainment.

The restaurant has delicious food and I’d probably visit for just the food alone, but the entertainment is fantastic addition too.


If you’re visiting London and looking for theme restaurants with unusual foods, journey to Archipelago!

Many of the places on this list are known more so because of their interesting interior design. This establishment though? It’s here mostly because of its menu filled with various exotic meats.

Unique delicacies such as smoked python carpaccio and crispy zebra jerky are offered at this great restaurant, perfect for travel lovers who want to sample array of foods from different parts of the world.

Finish your dinner with some delicious caramel mealworms if you have a sweeter tooth!

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story, one of the most popular places to dine in London, is also quite quirky!

Tom Sellers, a top chef from Britain, had a clever concept: to tell the story of food through an ever-evolving seasonal menu.

Most restaurants work by giving diners a menu so they can choose their meal, but Restaurant Story operates differently.

Instead of picking something from a set menu, the chef will curate 8 or 10 dishes based around your preferences and what is in season.

Some of the dishes served at previous meals we had include pigeon with pine, wild duck with bilberry, and snail ravioli.

Darcie & May Green

If you exit Paddington Station and walk along the canal, you’ll find Darcie & May Green.

These two Sir Peter Blake-designed boats are both spectacular.

They’re great spots to catch up with friends over amazing Australian brunches, cocktails, or coffee after a nice stroll beside the canal.

If you’re looking for a rowdy weekend, I recommend their bottomless brunch available on weekends.

The Jam Restaurant

This unusual Italian restaurant can be found among the pricey restaurants lining King’s Road in Chelsea.

What sets it apart? It’s not only because there aren’t any steps to get to your table; I’m not aware of anywhere else in London where you have to climb a ladder to sit down!

The interior of this restaurant is just as unique as the name. It’s been dubbed “the tree house restaurant,” but it may be compared to dining in a railway carriage or bunk-beds!

The cuisine consists of delectable pizzas and bite-sized Italian specialties, which you can expect.

Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is one of my go-to places to eat in London. It’s unique, fun atmosphere makes it a great spot for dinner with friends or a date night.

The name comes from Silvio Berlusconi and his reputation as a party animal, whichis immediately clear when you walk downstairs into the restaurant.

You feel like you’re at an exclusive bash hosted by Berlusconi himself!

When I visited, there was a large group dinner that featured pizzas stretching the length of the table. The comedy and cabaret were hilarious too.

It’s one of London’s finest birthday party or hen/stag do locations.



At this Asian fusion restaurant, a virtual menu is generated on the table by projectors.

Because of this unusual technological approach, it is one of the most distinctive London eateries.

You can see pictures of the food being served projected in front of you while you wait for your order.

It’s a genius idea! You can also play Battleships with the person on the other table, or check out the chefs at work during a ‘chef cam.’

The Clink Restaurant

If you’re ever in London and looking for something unique to do, be sure to check out The Clink Restaurant at HMP Brixton.

Not only will you get a delicious meal at this restaurant, but you’ll also be helping someone else turn their life around.

The food is cooked and served by inmates who are working towards gaining cooking qualifications.

We had a delightful experience on our recent visit. The food was not only excellent, but also very chic and flavorful.

I would say it is comparable to a gastropub.

The sirloin steak, fillet of sea bream, and spiced Moroccan chicken were our main dishes but we much preferred the confit leek tartlet and summer berry vacherin.

We liked them so much that we scraped every last bit off of the plates!

The Doodle Bar

Doodle Bar is the place to go in London if you’re searching for one of the most quirky restaurants but also one of the most fun restaurants!

This establishment takes creativity to new heights – at Doodle Bar, you and your friends can enjoy food and drinks while doodling on the walls!

There’s also a ping pong table, so it’s perfect for a catch-up.

After you’ve perfected chalk art, try one of their delicious Doodle Burgers, then simply wipe down the wall and begin again!

Barge East

Barge East

This trendy eatery is one of the coolest restaurants in east London, and it just so happens to be on a canal. The Dutch barge is over 100 years old but don’t worry, it’s been well taken care of. Plus, its Hackney location close to the Olympic Park makes it even more desirable.

You’ll be able to stuff yourself with delicious snacks and mains once you’re on board, like pork belly sausage rolls, burrata with poached rhubarb, and beetroot cured trout. They also serve brunch during weekends, and hearty roasts come Sunday.

On sunny days in London (of which there are many), this place is the best spot to relax for a few hours and is one of my favourite quirky restaurants.


Sketch is a trendy London eatery with several bars and dining rooms in its beautiful edifice on Conduit Street.

The ‘Gallery’, adorned with prints by David Shrigley, is my favourite.

Not only is it one of the most picturesque places to eat in London, but you won’t have any trouble getting there either.

His food is not only delicious, but also funny–you’ll be giggling the whole meal!

Sketch is one of London’s most unique restaurants, in part because of its white egg-like space pods.

These pods sit in a room with disco lights on the ceiling, creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Hello Darling

If you’re ever in London, make sure to check out Hello Darling, a new restaurant with exciting décor and located next door to The Old Vic.

You’ll be able to spot it from the street thanks to the big sign with the restaurant name, and it’s definitely worth taking some pictures of before you go inside!

Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard

Restaurant Bob Bob Ricard offers a exquisite menu of British and Russian dishes, as well as their much-talked-about ‘Press for Champagne’ button.

This venue is ideal for a special date or occasion with an elegant dress code.

Beautiful private dining rooms (ideal for large groups) are available, each with its own ‘press for champagne’ button. After my experience, I was tempted to buy one for my home too!

If you’re feeling luxurious, begin your meal with oysters or caviar.

For your main course, salmon or beef tartare royale (which comes with 20g of caviar) are both excellent options. Lastly, enjoy a lemon sorbet with vodka for dessert.

This restaurant is perfect for an indulgent night out or a romantic London date night.


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