16 Best Things To Do In Cancun – Attractions, Tours & Sights

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)

Cancun is a beautiful resort town in Mexico that’s known for its stunning Cancun beaches, clear blue waters, all inclusive resorts, and incredible Cancun nightlife.

Ciudad Cancun (Cancun city) is located on the north-eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, facing the Caribbean Sea, it’s composed of 2 distinct areas.

The more traditional downtown Cancun area, El Centro, and the hotel zone, a long, beachfront strip of hotels, nightclubs, shops and restaurants.

The Yucatan peninsula offers a diverse range of flora and fauna, and includes the Mayan ruin of Chichén Itzá a Unesco World Heritage site.

Visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the sun, sea and tourist attractions as well as the delicious Mexican food and drinks.

There’s no shortage of things to do in Cancun, whether you want to relax on pristine beaches, discover the historical Mayan sites or party the night away.

Things To Do In Cancun, Mexico

1. Playa Delfines

Playa Delfines

If you’re looking for a breath-taking beach to relax on during your time in Cancun, look no further than Playa Delfines.

One of the best beaches in Cancun with turquoise waves and endless views, it’s the only beach in the Cancun hotel zone without the backdrop of a high-rise hotel.

This gorgeous stretch of sand is known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters and tranquil atmosphere.

Visitors can sunbathe, swim, snorkel or simply take in the stunning views.

There’s also a great selection of restaurants and bars nearby, so you can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat in between enjoying the beach.

Playa Delfines is a public beach that is free to everyone.

It also is one of the most easily reachable beaches in the hotel zone, with a bus stop and parking lot right on the main avenue and a staircase leading down to the beach.

Address: Playa Delfines, Cancun 335, hotel zone, 77500 Cancun, Mexico

2. Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is a truly amazing place that’s located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

It is about 2 to 3 hours drive away from Cancun and is a must see day trip.

This ancient Maya city was once the center of the Mayan civilization and has a total area of 6 square miles.

Today, it is one of the most popular things to do in Cancun, Mexico.

There is so much to see and do at Chichen Itza, but the main attraction is the magnificent Temple of Kukulkan.

One of the tallest and most remarkable examples of Maya architecture, is a four sided pyramid, with a rectangular temple on the top.

This massive pyramid stands over 78 feet tall and is an incredible sight to behold.

Other highlights at Chichen Itza include the Great Ball Court, and El Castillo, another massive pyramid that is believed to have been used for human sacrifice.

Detailed information regarding Chichen Itza and the Mayan ruins can be provided by local guides at the site or part of a Chichen Itza tour.

No day trip to Chichen Itza would be complete without a visit to the Cenote Sagrado – a natural sinkhole that was once used by the Maya for religious ceremonies.

Today, it is a popular spot for swimming and diving.

Chichen Itza has been declared as a Unesco World Heritage Site and was named among the “New Seven Wonders of the World.”

Address: Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

3. Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret

Xoximilco Cancun

Xoximilco Cancun is a must-do for any music and fun lover on a Cancun vacation.

Xoximilco is a park designed after the original Xochimilco in Mexico City.

This unique experience takes you on a traditional Mexican boat ride, known as a “trajinera”, through canals decorated with flowers and lights.

As you float along, you’ll be entertained by live mariachi bands and folkloric dancers, and you’ll have the chance to try traditional Mexican dishes and drinks.

It’s the perfect way to experience some of Mexico’s culture and cuisine.

Most Xoximilco tours leave from central Cancun and include pickup and drop-off from local hotels.

Address: Xoximilco Cancun, Chetumal Km. 282, Juárez, 77580 Puerto Morelos

4. Maya Museum of Cancun

Maya Museum

The Maya Museum of Cancun is dedicated to the Maya, one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations in the world.

The Maya were experts in astronomy, math, and engineering, and their impressive achievements can still be seen in the Mayan ruins of their cities today.

The Maya Museum of Cancun is home to a collection of artefacts that date back to the Maya civilization. These include pottery, jewellery, tools, and even human remains.

Visitors can learn about the Maya’s daily life, religion, and customs.

The museum also has a replica of a Maya village, complete with traditional thatched-roof houses.

This is a great place to learn about the Maya’s architecture and how they lived.

Situated within the southern area of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, the museum is off of Kukulcan Blvd near the archaeological site of the San Miguelito ruins.

Address: Maya Museum of Cancun, Blvd. Kukulkan, km 17, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun, Mexico

5. Xcaret Theme Park

Xcaret Theme Park

Discover a world of eco-adventure in the leafy island paradise of Xcaret.

Xcaret Theme Park is conveniently located in the heart of Riviera Maya, between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. It will take you around 40 minutes from the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Hidden underground rivers and a mixture of Mexican and Caribbean culture are on the agenda at Xcaret Park, one of the best theme parks in Cancun.

Xcaret is a water, theme, amusement and eco-archaeological park full of fun things to do for all the family.

Developed around the legendary archaeological site, Xcaret is overflowing with family-friendly activities and thrilling cultural experiences.

Visitors can sail the Paradise River, trek to the Mayan Village, explore Jaguar Island and much more.

With dozens of live performances, adrenaline-charged rides, and traditional experiences, it’s the perfect adventurous escape.

Address: Xcaret Theme Parks, Solidaridad, 77710 Playa del Carmen

6. Coco Bongo, Cancun

Coco Bongo, Cancun

Considered as one of the best nightspots in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Coco Bongo has a unique show production, party scene and an extraordinary musical mix.

Located in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, one block from the Caribbean Sea, Coco Bongo is within walking distance from most accommodations.

There are nonstop performances from acrobats, conga lines, live bands and musician impersonators.

A typical night at Coco Bongo involves projected videos, balloons, soap bubbles and confetti, and is definitely a unique experience.

Coco Bongo is a fun place for adults of all ages looking for a high energy party experience while visiting Cancun.

Address: Coco Bongo, Blvd. Kukulcan 30, Punta Cancun, Zona Hotelera, 77500, Cancun, Mexico

7. Cancun Underwater Museum

Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun Underwater Museum is a must-visit for any scuba diving or snorkelling enthusiast.

To help restore marine life in Cancun and Isla Mujeres areas, the project was launched in 2009 to develop an artificial reef.

The Underwater Museum of Art or MUSA is located under the waters in the area surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc.

This museum is home to over 500 sculptures that have been submerged in the waters off the coast of Cancun.

Visitors can explore the sculptures and see the marine life that has made them their home.

The museum also offers scuba diving and snorkelling tours, so you can get up close and personal with the sculptures and the fish.

The Visitor Centre serves as an art gallery, with pictures and information about the project.

Address: Cancun Underwater Museum, Cerrada Las Golondrinas 24, Alfredo Bonfil, 77560 Cancun

8. Explore Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Cancun’s Hotel Zone

The city of Cancun is divided into two zones: Downtown and Cancun Island, often known as “the hotel zone” or “hotelera.”

The Hotel Zone is characterized by all-inclusive resorts, large international hotels, outstanding eateries, and white sand beaches.

It’s a 15-mile stretch of sand that looks like the number seven and is very walkable. It’s where most people who visit Cancun stay.

There are a great number of hotels, as the name implies, as well as most of the nightlife and beaches. Kulkukan Boulevard, which runs along one side of the Hotel Zone and is lined with local restaurants and bars, connects one end to the other.

Outside most of the hotels in the Hotel Zone there is a bus stop, which is also labeled with a sign. The R1 will take you to downtown Cancun or to the bus station.

Address: Hotel Zone, Cancun, Quintana Roo

9. Xavage Park

Xavage Park

Xavage Park is one of Cancun’s adventure parks that offers a wide range of activities, from zip lining and off-road driving, to water sports, rafting and rock climbing.

The park is located 25 minutes from Cancun’s Hotel Zone

There’s something for everyone at Xavage Park, so it’s the perfect place to visit with friends or family.

Visitors can also take a break from the action and relax in the park’s swimming pool or take a walk through its tropical gardens.

Xavage runs a pickup service, not included in the entrance fee, the service is available in most hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

Address: Xavage Park, Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo 77580

10. El Rey Archaeological Zone

El Rey Archaeological Zone

El Rey Archaeological Zone is an ancient archaeological site in Mexico that was once a thriving city during the Maya civilization.

This archaeological site of Mayan Ruins is right on Hotel Zone ( Kukulkan Blvd), about a block or two away from Playa Delfines.

The site is now a popular tourist destination, and it is one of the most well-preserved Mayan sites in Mexico.

The city of El Rey was built around 600 AD, and it flourished for centuries.

The city was home to many wealthy Maya families, and it had a large number of temples and palaces.

The city was abandoned around 900 AD, probably due to environmental factors such as drought.

The site of El Rey was rediscovered in the early 20th century, and it has been excavated extensively since then.

The site is now open to the public, and it is a popular tourist destination.

Visitors to the site can see the Maya ruins of the ancient city, as well as many Maya artifacts that have been found at the site.

Address: El Rey Archaeological Zone, Hotel Zone, 77500 Cancun, Quintana Roo

11. Parque las Palapas

Parque las Palapas

Located not far from Tulum Avenue, Parque las Palapas is the main park in downtown Cancun.

The park is a great place to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There’s a playground for children, a stage for live music, and plenty of benches where you can sit and people watch.

Fans of street food will appreciate the assortment of vendors that line the park and offer delicious Mexican dishes

At this central plaza in downtown Cancun, you get an authentic look into Mexican culture that can’t be found at the nearby beaches and resorts.

Address: Parque las Palapas, 77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo

12. Interactive Aquarium

Interactive Aquarium

Located inside La Isla Shopping Mall Cancun in the hotel zone, the Cancun Interactive Aquarium is easily accessible.

The Interactive Aquarium is a state-of-the-art aquarium that has over 200 species of fish.

Visitors can see interactive performances by its star attractions including dolphins, sea lions and sharks.

Visitors can feed the fish, touch them, and even swim with them.

In this hands-on aquarium, visitors can touch sea urchins, swim with dolphins and see fascinating exhibits of marine life and tropical fish, from the tidal pools to the deep ocean.

The aquarium also has a number of educational exhibits that teach visitors about the marine environment and the creatures that live there.

The Interactive Aquarium is a great place to learn about the wonders of the underwater world.

Address: Interactive Aquarium, Blvd. Kukulcan 12.5, La Isla, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún

13. Isla Mujeres Day Trip

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a small island just off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, directly across the water from Cancun.

Located in the state of Quintana Roo, Isla Mujeres is one of the top favorite destinations for beach-lovers.

The 4-mile island is a popular day trip for visitors to Cancun, and is just a 30-minute ferry ride from Cancun.

Isla Mujeres is home to white sand beaches, restaurants, and local shops.

Visitors to Isla Mujeres can also take part in activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

Isla Mujeres is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Mexico.

Address: Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

14. Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun

Downtown Cancun is the perfect place to stay if you want to be in the heart of the action.

This vibrant neighborhood is full of bars, clubs, and restaurants, as well as shopping and entertainment options. And, since it’s centrally located, it’s easy to get around.

Whether you’re looking for a wild night out or a more laid-back experience, Downtown Cancun has something for everyone.

One of the best things about Downtown Cancun is that there’s always something going on.

If you’re looking for a party, there are plenty of bars and clubs to choose from.

Or, if you prefer something more low-key, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to relax in. And, of course, there’s always shopping to be done.

Address: Downtown Cancun, Cancun, Mexico

15. Sea Turtles Snorkelling Tour

Sea Turtles Snorkelling Tour

One of the best ways to see the underwater world of Cancun is to take a Sea Turtles Snorkelling Tour.

These tours take place in the protected waters off the coast of Isla Mujeres, where you’ll have the chance to swim with gentle sea turtles.

You’ll also get to see other marine life, such as dolphins, rays, and fish.

The tour includes all snorkelling gear, so all you need to bring is your swimsuit.

Taking a Sea Turtles Snorkelling Tour is a great way to see some of Cancun’s most beautiful creatures up close.

These tours are suitable for all ages and swimming abilities, so they’re perfect for families.

And, since the waters are protected, you can be sure that the turtles are well-cared for and be able to witness some of the Sea Turtles conservation efforts.

Address: Sea Turtles Snorkelling Tour, Cancun, Mexico

16. Cancun Scenic Tower

Cancun Scenic Tower

The Cancun Scenic Tower is one of the best things to do in Cancun to get incredible views of the city and its surrounding beaches.

Visitors can ride in one of the glass elevators to the top of the tower.

Hear about the history of Cancun as the tower slowly spins 360° for a spectacular birds-eye view of the entire Hotel Zone from the 260 ft (80 m) tall tower.

The ride up takes about 5 minutes, and you can spend another 15 minutes taking photos as the deck spins around giving you views in all directions.

The Cancun Scenic Tower is located at Kilometer 4.5 of Blvd. Kukulcan, in the Hotel Zone and is open every day from 9am – 9pm.

Address: Cancun Scenic Tower, Kukulcan Boulevard, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún


Is Cancun Mexico worth visiting?

Cancun is a fantastic vacation location.

It has world-class white sand beaches, a wide variety of water activities, a lively nightlife, and, most significantly, inexpensive all-inclusive packages.

It is particularly suitable for a family vacation.

Is Cancun a good place to scuba dive?

Cancun provides breathtaking scuba diving excursions with fantastic clarity even at 100 feet depth. An unforgettable aquatic adventure is available to everyone, with warm seas and a wide range of unique scenery.

What is Cancun best known for?

Cancun is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches, thrilling nightlife, water activities, Mayan ruins, natural beauty, and a variety of fun things to do.

Where is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef?

One of the largest coral reefs in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System extends more than 600 miles from Isla Contoy at the northern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula to the Bay Islands in Honduras.

The reef is a prime destination for those interested in scuba diving and snorkelling.

Where is the colorful Cancun sign?

The colorful Cancun sign is on Boulevard Kukulkan, in the hotel zone in Cancun, Mexico.

When is the best time to visit Cancun, Mexico?

The best time to visit Cancun is between December and March when the weather is most settled.

The hottest month of the year is May with an average daily maximum of 33 C and an average low of 23 C.

The coolest month of the year is January with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 20 C.

What date is spring break in Cancun, Mexico?

The period between mid-February and April is known as Spring Break, when the party never stops. Cancun has the greatest events and parties in the world during this time, with thousands of college students and holidaymakers from all over the globe congregating in the resort.

Are there whale sharks in Cancun?

Whale sharks season in Cancun typically falls between May and April, however, the peak whale sharks season takes place between July and August.

The Whale Shark which is considered a very gentle shark that is often friendly to divers, and easy to spot.


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