The 12 Best Things To Do In Great Yarmouth – Attractions, Sights & Tours

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2023)

Great Yarmouth is known as a seaside resort town in Norfolk and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Britain.

Located on the coast of the North Sea and at the mouth of the River Yare, it is Norfolk’s third most populous town.

For centuries, Yarmouth has been a preferred holiday destination for its beaches, seaside attractions and unique cultural history.

The area was first developed for holiday-making in 1760 and with more developments such as the opening of Wellington Pier in 1854 and Britannia Pier in 1858, it has expanded even more.

These days there is lots to do here including museums, the Norfolk Broads, theme parks, historic sites and of course the beaches.

There are also promenades to take leisurely strolls along, pubs for socializing with friends and family, fish-and-chip shops for delicious snacks and meals on-the-go and much more.

Things To Do In Great Yarmouth

1. Norfolk Broads National Park

Norfolk Broads National Park is a unique and beautiful area located in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Greater Yarmouth is uniquely located in the Broads National Park with it’s network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes, making it an ideal destination for boat trips.

This national nature reserve is Britain’s largest protected wetland and is home to diverse wildlife, including many species of birds such as mallard, coot, moorhen, great crested grebe, cormorant, kestrel, sparrow hawk and bittern.

The landscape of Norfolk Broads Park consists of vast tracts of marshland interspersed with shallow lakes known as ‘broads’.

In addition to the abundant wildlife you can find scattered throughout the park are charming villages full of quaint cottages with thatched roofs.

The park also offers a plethora of activities such as fishing, sailing or taking leisurely strolls through its meadows which are carpeted by wildflowers during springtime.

With its absolutely stunning scenery and diverse wildlife it’s no wonder the Norfolk Broads attracts so many visitors each year.

Address: Thorpe Rd, Norwich NR1 1RY

2. Time and Tide Museum

The Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life is a fascinating destination, situated in one of the UK’s best-preserved Victorian herring curing works.

Through its exhibitions and interactive displays, visitors are taken on a journey through centuries of the city’s maritime and fishing history.

From 1913 to the 1950s, Time and Tide presents an array of artefacts detailing an era gone by, from detailed replicas of typical streets to Yarmouth quayside from the 1950s.

It serves not only as a reminder of Great Yarmouth’s rich maritime heritage but also for those interested in learning about its unique herring curing process.

Open daily, with an audio guide available and plenty of interactive elements aimed at children, this is a great museum for all the family.

Address: Time and Tide Museum, Blackfriars Road, Great Yarmouth NR30 3BX

3. Elizabethan House Museum

Elizabethan House Museum is a National Trust property located on the historic South Quay in Great Yarmouth.

It was built in 1570 as a merchant’s house and experienced multiple phases of restoration throughout its history.

Today, it stands as one of the most prominent historic sites in the East Anglia region and is open to the public.

Visitors can journey through time as they explore the period rooms within the Museum, with some of its furniture pieces dating back centuries.

From upstairs to downstairs, experience a fascinating insight into Victorian life: imagine yourself working away in the kitchen and scullery while admiring delightful furnishings from that era.

The museum also houses a ‘conspiracy room’, believed to be where Charles I’s execution plot was hatched.

The exact details surrounding this pivotal event remain a mystery; however, visitors can learn more about this story and other events during their visit.

Address: Elizabethan House Museum, 4 S Quay, Great Yarmouth NR30 2QH

4. The Pleasure Beach

The Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth has been a beloved destination for generations.

Located on the sea front at the south end of the Golden Mile, the amusement park opened its doors in 1909.

Drawing thousands of visitors each year, the Pleasure Beach offers an exciting array of rides, games and experiences for guests of all ages.

The star attraction at the park is none other than its iconic wooden Roller Coaster.

First opened in 1932, this thrilling ride stands tall as one of Europe’s oldest surviving roller coasters and features high-speed drops that thrill riders of all ages.

In addition to this classic ride, the Pleasure Beach boasts over 30 other large scale attractions including spinning teacups, bumper cars, and thrilling drop towers.

Of course, younger children are also catered for with numerous smaller rides designed especially for them as well as amusement arcades full of fun games.

Address: The Pleasure Beach, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 3EH

5. Sea Life Centre Great Yarmouth

Located on the seafront next to Wellington Pier, visitors can explore an extraordinary underwater landscape, and get up close with some fascinating creatures.

With a 250,000 litre Tropical Ocean Display tunnel featuring reef sharks and Green Sea Turtles swimming amongst the ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the aquatic world.

At the Interactive Rockpool Experience you can learn about some of these amazing creatures, taking time to touch a starfish or getting an insight into the lives of some of smaller crocodiles.

Other exhibits include under the Ray-dar, Crocodile Enclosure, Penguins and Jelly Invaders.

Open daily, the Sea Life Centre is a great place to spend a couple of hours and enjoy learning about some amazing aquatic creatures.

Address: Sea Life Centre Great Yarmouth, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3AH

6. Great Yarmouth Central Beach

Great Yarmouth’s Central Beach on the Norfolk coastline is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family.

Located between Britannia and Wellington Piers, this pristine beach offers a mile of stunning golden sand and sparkling blue waters.

The nearby promenade is home to an array of shops, cafes, ice-cream vendors and other attractions that are ideal for keeping the kids entertained.

On a sunny day, visitors can soak up the sun and lovely atmosphere as they relax on the shoreline or go swimming in the calm seas.

For those looking for a more leisurely beach experience, there are plenty of local seafood restaurants where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood dishes accompanied by captivating views.

Address: 47 Collingwood Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 4LR

7. Merrivale Model Village

Merrivale Model Village, located in Great Yarmouth, is a great family attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Immerse yourself in over an acre of award-winning gardens full of streams, waterfalls and lakes with colourful Koi Carp.

An electric railway runs through the village, a perfect opportunity for children to explore and marvel at the miniature models on display.

Take part in a round of classic crazy golf or have some fun at the Old Penny Arcade with its famous ‘laughing sailor’ feature and ‘what the butler saw’.

If you’re feeling peckish afterwards, the Merrivale Tea Rooms are ready to welcome you with home-cooked delights.

Address: Merrivale Model Village, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth NR30 3JG

8. Great Yarmouth Minster

The Great Yarmouth Minster was founded in 1101 and is the largest parish church in the country.

This beautiful and majestic church was built in the Norman era and boasts incredible architecture with a massive central tower and intricate Gothic arches.

After undergoing significant renovation works after World War II bomb damage, it was officially designated a Minster Church by the Bishop of Norwich in 2011.

This ensured its cultural and historical significance would be preserved for generations to come.

The inside of the Minster Church is just as remarkable as its exterior façade.

Large stained glass windows line the walls, radiating colourful light throughout the building while ornate statuettes adorn every corner.

One particularly notable feature is its pipe organ which produces a mesmerising sound that fills the space with energy when played during services or concerts.

The Church is open daily from 10am where visitors can follow the heritage trail around the church and explore some of the Minster’s key highlights and learn more about its rich history.

Address: Church Plain, Great Yarmouth NR30 1NE

9. Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens is an incredible wildlife venue located near Great Yarmouth.

The majestic grounds and gardens have been carefully landscaped to create a diverse and fascinating experience for visitors of all ages.

Not only are the gardens themselves a sight to behold, but they contain an abundance of exotic animals, birds and reptiles from across Asia.

Mammals such as Snow Leopards, rare tigers, gibbons and deer Otters can be found roaming in their natural habitats while crocodiles inhabit a swamp house and waterfowl can be seen in a series of aviaries.

Visitors may also enjoy the tropical and forest houses which provide excellent protection from inclement weather.

In addition to the flora and fauna on display, visitors can take advantage of activities such as play areas, gift shops, cafes and pleasant walks through the stunning landscape.

Address: Filby Rd, Thrigby, Great Yarmouth NR29 3DR

10. Gorleston-on-Sea Beach

Gorleston-on-Sea Beach is a vibrant and bustling seaside location near Great Yarmouth.

It is home to a stunningly beautiful bay, with the longest promenade in East Anglia stretching along its coastline.

Visitors are greeted with lush grassy cliffs that lead down to the beachfront, where a lovely sandy beach awaits them.

The beach area also includes an array of facilities for people of all ages and interests from adventure golf and bowling greens, to tennis and basketball courts, as well as a trim trail, children’s playground, model yacht pond and splashpad!

For those who prefer more leisurely activities, there are plenty of benches throughout the area offering views of the bay plus numerous sheltered seating areas for those days when it gets a bit too hot or windy.

Address: 6 Pier Gardens, Great Yarmouth NR31 6BU

11. Joyland

Joyland is a free entry amusement park located next to Brittania Pier in Great Yarmouth.

One of the most popular theme parks in the area, it has since become an iconic attraction for its unique rides and nostalgic atmosphere.

Designed and manufactured by local engineering entrepreneur Horace Cole and his family-owned engineering business, these vintage rides offer a special experience for all ages.

The Tyrolean Tubs is particularly notable as being the only remaining Virginia Reel roller coaster in operation in the world!

Aside from its classic attractions, Joyland also offers an array of other exciting activities such as dodgems, carousels and playgrounds that have been around since it first opened.

Address: Joyland, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2EY

12. Hemsby Beach

Hemsby beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand situated along the East Norfolk coast.

It stretches for almost two miles and offers an abundance of fun activities, sights, and attractions that make it ideal for families and holiday-goers alike.

With its soft white sand, Hemsby is a perfect spot to spend your summer days sunbathing or playing in the shallow waters.

The village nearby has plenty of eateries, cafes, pubs, arcades, shops and fun fairs to keep you busy and you don’t need to pack a picnic as there’s plenty of places to grab something to eat.

Address: Hemsby beach, Beach Road, Hemsby, Great Yarmouth NR29 4HJ


Is Great Yarmouth worth visiting?

Great Yarmouth offers plenty of things to see and do and is famous as a family holiday destination.

Definitely worth visiting, Great Yarmouth has a fabulous beach and a mile long seafront with amusements, attractions and cafes.

What is Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile?

The Golden Mile is a Great Yarmouth beachside promenade that features extra wide pavements.

Is there a quieter beach in Great Yarmouth?

Ideal for families who are looking for a quieter beach, South Beach, located south of Wellington pier is good.

Why is there a Nelson memorial in Great Yarmouth?

The county of Norfolk decided to create a grand structure in Nelson’s memory after his death on the 21 October 1805 at the Battle of Trafalgar.

There was also the Norfolk Nelson Museum.


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