United States Mint At Denver – What You Need To Know BEFORE You Visit

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2023)

Located in Denver, Colorado, the United States Mint at Denver is a fascinating and educational attraction that offers visitors a rare glimpse into the process of producing America’s coins. As one of only four active mints in the United States, the Denver Mint is responsible for producing billions of coins each year for circulation, as well as commemorative coins and medals. With its guided tours, informative exhibits, and historic setting, the United States Mint at Denver provides a unique and memorable experience for all ages.

History and Background

The Denver Mint was established in 1863 as an assay office, primarily responsible for converting gold from the local mines into coins or bars. In 1906, the facility was upgraded to a full-fledged mint, and it has been producing coins ever since. Today, the United States Mint at Denver is a vital part of the nation’s coinage system, striking coins for both circulation and collectors.

Tours and Exhibits

Visitors to the United States Mint at Denver can enjoy a guided tour that takes them through the coin production process, as well as informative exhibits that provide insights into the mint’s history and operations:

  1. Guided Tours: The 45-minute guided tour offers visitors an up-close look at the coin production process, from the initial design stage to the final striking of the coins. Visitors can watch as massive coin presses turn out thousands of coins per minute and observe the quality control measures that ensure each coin meets strict standards.
  2. Exhibits: The mint’s exhibits delve into the history of the United States Mint, the evolution of coin production technology, and the various coins and medals that have been produced in Denver. Additionally, visitors can view rare and historic coins from the mint’s collection.
  3. Gift Shop: The United States Mint at Denver features a gift shop where visitors can purchase commemorative coins, souvenirs, and educational materials related to the mint and coin production.

Visitor Information

The United States Mint at Denver is located at 320 West Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado. Tours are offered Monday through Thursday, except for federal holidays. Tours run between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM, with the last tour departing at 2:00 PM.

Admission to the United States Mint at Denver is free, but reservations are required for the guided tour. Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance through the U.S. Mint’s online reservation system or by calling 1-800-872-6468.

Due to security measures, visitors must adhere to specific guidelines, including presenting a valid government-issued photo ID and passing through a security screening. There are also restrictions on the items that can be brought into the facility, such as bags, cameras, and electronic devices.


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