US National Whitewater Center – What You Need To Know BEFORE You Visit

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2023)


Since its opening in 2006, the United States National Whitewater Center has been a facility that is innovative in terms of outdoor recreation and athletic training.

The Center encompasses 1,300 acres of land and is situated adjacent to the Catawba River in Charlotte.

It features 72 kilometres of trails that are suited for users of varying abilities.

The United States National Whitewater Center features a world-class artificial whitewater river that was designed by a well-known paddling expert named Scott Shipley.

This river is the primary draw for visitors. The river contains 12 million gallons of water that has been filtered and UV-cleaned, and it flows through 3,750 feet of channels that are split into two sections.

First you have a slalom competition channel for athletes who compete at an Olympic level, and then a longer wilderness channel for people who use the river for recreational or learning purposes.

Canoes, kayaks, and guided rafts are all viable modes of transportation for navigating the Class II to Class IV rapids that are found in both sections.

The United States National Whitewater Center (USNWC) provides guests with a wide variety of other recreational opportunities in addition to its whitewater features.

These include mountain biking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, hiking trails, zip lines, ropes courses, yoga classes, running tracks, rock climbing walls, and a multitude of other facilities designed to assist visitors in training for and improving their performance in a variety of outdoor sports.

The USNWC is an excellent destination and a fun thing to do in Charlotte.

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